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Paule Villard will be the First Black and Female Mayor of North Miami Beach

Here we go again people - we have two former commissioners in a race to become the next Mayor of North Miami Beach. One who has honorably served his community over the years and the other who was ousted after a single term for her unethical behavior. There are several groups who wish to drain the coffers of North Miami Beach by installing Paule Villard as mayor, they are overlooking all of the vile, evil and disgraceful things she has done over the years and are focusing on the one thing that they can back up with facts... If Paule Villard were to win this seat, she would indeed be the first black female mayor of North Miami Beach... but they are overlooking the fact that she would likely be the shortest-serving mayor in the county's history as she is up for multiple Ethics complaints in front of the state of Florida and Miami-Dade County that are serious enough to warrant her immediate removal.

If you were to vote for Paule Villard, here is what you would be voting to support

As normal, Paule Villard tries to turn everything into a race-war because she knows that she would lose instantly if people looked at her history of ethical nightmares, spending, lies and crimes. We need to vote for people due to their character and morals, not the color of their skin or gender. Paule Villard's attempt to turn her race into the one thing that qualifies her to hold office is embarrassing and shows she has no other redeeming factors that show she is fit to hold public office.