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There are several cowards who are trying to take control of North Miami Beach and rob the taxpayers blind. Let's take a few minutes to meet some of the most corrupt cowards who are hiding behind aliases and puppets to spread misinformation to help push their corrupt agenda. 

Michael Joseph

Of the four corrupt Commissioners on the North Miami Beach dais, Michael Joseph stands out as being a complete psychopath and pathological liar. He has earned the moniker “Devil on the Dais”, for his very public bipolar swings and temper tantrums. Michael’s bizarre behavior is apparent to anyone who has ever attended or watched a Commission meeting, when he bothers to show up at all. You can easily tell when he’s about to erupt into an inappropriate outburst by his façade of an eerily calm demeanor, immediately followed by a histrionic explosion of anger and contempt. It’s scary and hilarious at the same time.

This unethical elected official has enlisted a group of “anonymous” real and fictional characters to do his dirty work. He and his proxy army is behind all the turmoil at City Hall, which includes his false allegations against his adversaries and political enemies, enlisting paid performance artists to support him at Commission meetings, and last minute bombshell emails intended to disrupt City business and derail legislation.

Michael Joseph has been under investigation for extortion and abuse of his public position. He managed to “beat” two probable cause hearings with the help of his personal “lawyer” who Michael conspired to with his three corrupt colleagues to hire as the equally corrupt City “Attorney”. Little does he know, there are multiple additional ethics complaints that have been filed and are being investigated.

Next November, Michael hopes to be re-elected so he can continue to wreak havoc in your taxpayer-funded government. Voters would be wise to show him the door... after all, it's hard to trust someone who cant count to 120...

Paule Villard

This ex-North Miami Beach Commissioner treated residents’ tax dollars as her own personal piggy bank. Paule Villard used the City’s police officers as her own personal chauffeur service, traveled extensively on lavish vacations, threw extravagant parties to honor herself, and staffed the workforce with her personal friends and family. She was also able to vote to increase her own salary three times.

In November of 2022 she was voted out after one term, but she misses the money and power she abused for four years. So, she’s running for mayor in the hopes of regaining a four-vote majority on the dais to continue raping the City coffers for her own personal benefit.

Due to her lack of class and intelligence, Paule Villard also likes to inappropriately flash her monstrous melons to an unsuspecting Facebook audience.

McKenzie Fleurimond

North Miami Beach Commissioner McKenzie Fleurimond likes to hear the sound of his own voice. He especially likes to spout his bafflegab during Commission meetings in an attempt to appear intelligent. Most of the time, however, he has no idea what he’s talking about, and he tends to make an utter fool of himself. The truth is, McKenzie is as uneducated as he is perpetually unemployed, with the exception of the City’s overly generous salary, unaccountable executive expense fund, and the three raises he voted to give himself.

McKenzie is also infamous for violating the City Charter on numerous occasions by breaking quorum, missing committee meetings, and even refusing to attend Commission meetings for five months in a row.

This clown is also infamous for voting to demolish the very same rental apartment building from which he was evicted for non-payment of rent for over four months.

This unethical elected official likes to spend taxpayer money for his own personal benefit. In addition to his excessive and unnecessary trips around the country, he also found himself in hot water when the Florida Commission on Ethics has also found probable cause that McKenzie Fleurimond has abused his position by misspending taxpayer money) on a private Gala to support a political party. Charges are pending with the state and a formal hearing is scheduled for early 2024 to hold Fleurimond accountable. Additional ethics complaints are also working their way through the system over other abuses of power.

McKenzie Fleurimond is up for re-election in November of 2024, and the voters of North Miami Beach would do well to send this clown packing.

Daniela Jean

This North Miami Beach Commissioner became a first time elected official in November of 2020. She was plucked from the obscurity of a low-level secretarial job at the City of North Miami for the sole purpose of gaining a four-vote majority on the dais. She brings nothing intelligent to the table but an enormous ego and an outsized sense of entitlement. Daniela treats City staff as her own personal servants, and chastises them if they don’t cater to her every whim - especially when they don't play along with her plan to file false police reports (thats right Daniela, I know and I have the bodycam footage from that day).

Daniela Jean is a known racist, who ridiculously lamented that she was “the only black woman” on the dais after her co-conspirator, Paule Villard, lost her seat in the November 2022 election. She only sponsors legislation that is geared toward people “who look like her,” and berates City employees if they so much as talk to any white Commissioners.

Daniela is up for re-election in November of 2024. North Miami Beach residents would do well to make her a one term Commissioner.